Boston Green is my favorite Z color for its blue sheen under certain light. It was important to bring out this color as much as possible and contrast it with the subtle warm tones of the tan interior. The forest road backdrop at sunset served as the perfect setting to naturally bring out the best of this classic color combination.
I thoroughly enjoy the auction world. Meeting people, sharing stories, and exercising my photography skills all come into play. It's about so much more than just selling a car. 
The car went on to set a record for non-James Bond 1.9 Z3s.
From the moment I found this car sitting perfectly waxed and waiting in a garage in the Portland suburbs to the hours and hours of icy fishtailing at 10 mph over the Cascade Mountains on its way to Joshua Tree, to the moment I watched it drive away after the auction - this whole experience solidified my desire to stay active in the auction world and do it all over again with something else.
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