BMW GS Photoshoot

This is a 1993 BMW R100GS in the classic black and yellow paint scheme. It's traveled 42,000 miles since starting its life in Taos, New Mexico with a famous knife maker. Since then, it has spent most of its life on the Oregon Coast and the Willamette Valley. I took on this photoshoot for its Bringatrailer auction at Shotgun OHV Area here in Western Oregon. 
This particular example clearly spent a few Oregon winters outside, but that did not detract from its ability to be a reliable companion on any kind of road. 
The airhead BMW GS is a machine that introduced so many people into the life of Adventure Motorcycling. It defined the segment that occupies most of the modern motorcycling landscape.
Adventure motorcycling can mean many things for many people. To me it represents the freeing ability to take on anything - leave your home, fly down a highway at 80mph, ride across a mountain range, turn onto a dirt road and keep going for days. With a GS in the garage, there's little reason to want anything else. 
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